Know Before Contacting a Money Lender?

There are two ways to borrow money for your personal needs, whether traditional banks or a private Lender. These can be the first choice of every real estate investor. However, the commercial banks offer you a loan with a lot of terms and conditions that you have to accept. If you decline the given terms from the bank, then your loan can be cancelled. It also requires your credit history, income, expenses, long term debt, and the amount you needed to purchase the house. Some people can’t get complete detail regarding “what is a private lender?” So, here are the answers to all your questions:

What is a Private Money Lender?

In contrast to a bank, a private lender can be a group or individual, and they lend money from their wealth to get profit in many ways. Further, if you choose a private lender for your next property, then you don’t need to do more formalities while borrowing money.

Their motive to earn a profit on the interest that you pay. A private lender is the easiest way to get fast borrowing because it ranging all types of credits. Many private lenders are ordinary people such as doctors, lawyers, accountants, business people and retired people.

Private Money Lender

They are searching for better investment returns more than a bank. In earlier years, these kinds of investment have supposed an insignificant 3% to 6% pre-tax rates. Moreover, private lender demand returns in the 9% and 15% range, which is secured by local rental real estate. Such kind of investment has positive return rates like 300% over CDs and money markets.

The result of all complete process between lender and borrower is a private lender looking for high rates of return on their money. On the other hand, real estate investors looking for cash to finance deals and the reliability to pay higher yields.

How to Find a private lender?

However, the opportunity like a private lender will never come to you. First, you need to make some effort to get them. Here is a key to finding the private lender is through networking or LowKey marketing. Ask people or your friend’s circle that may already borrow money or who are currently making their investments. Let’s discuss the guides to get a private lender, have a look:

Advertising for Private Lenders

If you are facing difficulties to approach a perfect investor, then try to advertise for private lenders. Usually, people can promote for investors in small local areas, and it is different from any internet advertising.

However, the internet is not a secure option to advertise your deal with clauses anyone can read. Make sure your advertising offer to provide investments.

Explore Websites for Money Lending Companies

The alternate option is to go through the internet and check some high ranked web site of money lending companies. It is the easiest way to get information about lenders without visiting their place. It will consume less time and let you know which individual will suit with your deal. Between multiple great companies “Kala lending” is becoming top lenders in the present. We are fine with finance terms like Commercial Real Estate, Fix n Flip, Rehab, Rental, Purchase, Oil and Gas Projects buying, selling and much more.

Make a Conversation

Already find the suitable lender? But, the process of getting a perfect investor is not over here. Before you make any deal with them, you should know the complete information about the company. Some points need to research to find a secure private lender:

  • Check out if they are Responsive and well expert
  • Know about their Loan Flexibility
  • Ask them about Interest Rates
  • Estimate your Financial Situation
  • Focus on their location

Is Private Money Lending Legal?

No state or country’s any law will make money lending illegal. But numerous laws are applied to private money lenders. People have the right to lend money as they wish. The only thing that is must “lender license”, it is essential to run such a business. After having an agreement, a lender can charge interest rates, eligibility requirements, and fees from the borrower. Hence, private money lending is legal if it complies with federal banking and state laws.

How Much a Private Lender Charge?

The charges of lending money can vary from lender to lender, and it is not based on a specific rate. Usually, a private lender charge between 8 to 14% but this is not fixed for every kind of loan. In like manner, the hard money lending rate depends on how much borrowing money amount they lend (LTV). To reduce the risk of lending money, they charge a higher interest rate.

Yeah! The private lender’s charges are higher than the traditional banks. Because they accomplish borrowers needs more quickly than the bank and charge amount according to their ratio such as:

  • Interest rates: 7% – 13%
  • Lender fees (points): 1.5% – 10%
  • Closing costs: 2% – 5%

Pros and Cons of Hard Money Loans

There are multiple benefits we can take from the private lender, and it makes our business ease with investing an amount. Before approaching a private lender, let’s discuss whether hard money lenders are right for your deal.

Hard Money Loans


Do Not Check Credit History

Bank does not accept any loan request until they enquire every detail like your credit history. On the other hand, a private lender has not created any rules for the credit bureau.

Fast Money Disbursal

A private lender is the only option to get the fastest loan for your next deal. It also not charge prepayment and proceeding charges as banks do.

Less Documentation

However, if you are going to request a loan from an outsider (private lender), you don’t need to hassle between documentation. The process of hiring a private lender is easy and effortless.


High-Interest Rates

By the way, you can bargain prices to the money lender online, but its range will stable between 20%-45% according to the borrowed amount. Individual lenders make charges, and many people accept this due to an urgent need of money.

Repayment Period

There is no rule for repayment; it can be daily, weekly, or monthly (as per the agreement).


Borrowers will torture with very high harassment, private lender take help from recovery agents. In case, if you don’t pay on time, they can control your properties and personal types of equipment like gold and other expensive things.

Do You Use Private Money and or Hard Money?

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